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  1. Konstantin Kovshenin

    Looks like you forgot about me! Also, it’s worth following changesets on core trac.

  2. Rev. Voodoo

    Thanks for the post!! I love that people in my RSS reader have been making these sorts of posts lately. Each time, I get a few more resources to add in to my reader. Many quality sources out there!!

  3. Tom McFarlin

    Thanks so much, Brian. I appreciate that!

  4. Anthony Hortin

    Some fantastic resources there Brian. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kevin chard

    Great list of resources, many are on my reading list! A few are not thanks for the info. You forgot to add mine 😉

  6. Ed Reckers

    I find that during custom theme and plugin development I’m referencing this WP_Query reference more than anything else. WordPress Query Comprehensive Reference is a Github gist listing usage for all possible parameters for WP_Query.

    It’s less general than most resources on your list but for pure value, I think it can’t be beat.

  7. Julien Desrosiers

    Great post!

    Thanks for listing the Daily Documentation Newsletter!

  8. Brad Vincent

    Hey Brian, Thanks so much for the mention :) I am really glad you find the code generators useful.


  9. toan

    good list. thanks for the write up

  10. Wolfram Müller

    Hi brian,

    another great resource if you’re trying to find a wordpress theme would be http://www.themescroller.com

    shameless plug, since i’m the creator of the site… i created it because i was not happy with the way i usually would look for a theme: go to different marketplaces, click through theme overviews, click to get to the theme detail description page, click on theme preview, compare previews…

    themescroller saves you all this. it just shows you the preview screenshots of all themes in a nice grid view with endless scrolling. there are over 300o themes from woothemes, themeforest, wordpress.org and elegantthemes, and you can filter them by color, layout style, category or columns count.

    let me know what you think,

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