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Other Series plugins create a custom taxonomy where each series is a term. Most people probably don’t need a new taxonomy. Really Simple Series lets you turn any category into its own series with the click of a checkbox.

To turn on a series, you simply go to the edit category screen and check the box to enable Really Simple Series. Once you do, the plugin will automatically reverse the order of all posts in that category so that the oldest show up first. It will also automatically insert a list of all posts in the series at the bottom of each post in that category / series.


You just have to click within the edit category screen to enable a series. There are no other options. There is a shortcode available called {rsseries cat="148"}, where “148” is a specific category ID, that can be used to display a series of your choice. Do not use the {rsseries} shortcode without a category parameter, or it may show all of your blog posts. Use [ and ] instead of { and } for shortcodes.

You can view the launch post about the plugin for more information. And of course you can download the Really Simple Series WordPress plugin from


There are four filters readily available for customization of the Really Simple Series output. You can use the rsseries_title, rsseries_before_series, rsseries_content, and rsseries_after_series filters to customize the output.

A sample filter for customizing the title could go like this:


add_filter( 'rsseries_title', 'krogs_custom_series_title' );

function krogs_custom_series_title( $title ) {
	$title = '<h5>' . __('My custom series title') . '</h5>';
	return $title;


The other filters would operate much the same way. Just be sure to return and not echo your changes so that the content filter will operate properly. These filters will allow you to customize the plugin a great deal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to put them in the plugin’s support forum, and ping me on Twitter to make sure I see your question.

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